I write feature articles for business and investment publications, specialising in:

Some of my work involves ‘research-and-analysis-heavy’ articles for professional financial services audiences, such as a cover story looking at the impact algorithmic trading is having on financial markets. But I am also comfortable writing for a much wider audience, for example – a piece on Greece’s fragile recovery from its financial crash. Sometimes, I venture a little further afield and cover subjects such as minimalism and universal basic income.

I studied journalism after 25 years at the business coalface. I’ve been a McKinsey consultant (during the dotcom boom and bust); an insurance entrepreneur and senior executive running M&A and strategic investment transactions; and an angel investor, with first-hand experience of the start-up and funding scene. I am also an active stock market investor and trader.

If you’re an editor of a business or investment publication, let’s talk. I can usually tease out some intriguing story ideas that will interest your readers.

You might also enjoy reading my blog, Dazzling and Dark , which has an ethics and sustainability slant and highlights some of the laudable and not-so-laudable developments affecting the future of business and investing.