I write feature articles for business and investment publications, specialising in dissecting the trends and looking into the future of:

  • public capital markets;
  • private capital markets (VC, PE, M&A, crowdfunding, p2p lending, angel investing);
  • financial services and fintech.

If you’re an editor,  let’s talk . I can usually tease out some intriguing story ideas that will interest your readers. You might also find my blog, Dazzling and Dark, a useful source of story ideas.

About me: After 25 years at the business coalface, I studied journalism. I’ve been a McKinsey consultant (during the dotcom boom and bust); an insurance entrepreneur and senior executive running M&A and strategic investment transactions; and an angel investor, with first-hand experience of the start-up and funding scene. I am also an active stock market investor and trader.

Check out some of my recent work here.